A Kubernetes cluster in minutes with SUSE CaaS

After attending SUSE Experts Day in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin a few months ago, I was excited to try out the new the SUSE CaaS platform that they had been talking about...

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Deploying an Openstack cloud on Kubernetes

This post looks at deploying a full Openstack environment on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm and the Openstack-Helm project

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Upgrading a Gen10 MicroServer with an SSD

The HPE Proliant Microservers have been very popular machines among home server enthusiasts for a good few years now...

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Preparing for the CKA Exam

Kubernetes seems to be everywhere these days. It has become a bit of a buzzword in the software development industry. A day doesn't go by in the office without someone in the office mentioning it but what is it?....

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Brian Carey | DevOps Engineer